Added to GoodReads – January 8th


Greetings, friends! Hope everyone up here in the northern hemisphere is doing their best to keep warm. It has been VERY cold where I’m at. Let’s just say the space heater under my desk is working overtime. No snow, thankfully, just lots and lots of COLD.

I’m not a fan.

So, since I am trying to stay inside as much as possible, it gives me a chance to look for new books to add to my ever burgeoning To-Be-Read list over at GoodReads. Here are some that I’ve found this past week:

  • The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin – I saw this one in a local bookstore newsletter as one of their recommended picks. I don’t always immediately add those to my list, but when I saw the beautiful cover and read the very interesting blurb, I couldn’t help it. What would you do if you knew the exact moment of your death? This book asks that question and, for four characters, we find out.
  • Fire in Frost by Alicia Rades – This is one of two books that I got for free through BookBub (and if you haven’t heard of BookBub, you need to go check them out right now, do not pass GO, do not collect $200).  A high school girl realizes she can see ghosts, which leads her to learn a bunch of secrets that maybe she shouldn’t know. The first of a series, this book sounds a bit creepy and exciting. Can’t wait to check it out.
  • A Throne for Sisters by Morgan Rice – The other BookBub book I picked up is also the first book of a series. Two sisters, orphans, desperate to find a better life, possessing the power to read other’s minds. It’s a YA fantasy that looks like it could have a lot of twists and turns, which is always fun.

Any new reads keeping you warm this winter? If you recommend them, leave them in comments!


Added to GoodReads – November 20, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Here are the latest books that I have added to my never ending GoodReads TBR list, whether new purchases or just books that have been recommended by the book blogging community.

  • An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – This one had been on my radar for a while. I have seen the author at previous YALLFest panels and she is a very interesting and engaging person. I bought a copy of the book while at YALLFest this year, so now there’s no excuse not to read it, especially since there is a second book that came out last year, and a third book expected next year.
  • Want by Cindy Pon – This is another book that I picked up at YALLFest. I always like finding a book and an author that I know nothing about. It’s always a nice surprise. I liked the cover of this one. It sounds like a futuristic dystopian story with an Asian setting, which should be fun. It sounds different from what I usually read.
  • Flawed by Cecelia Ahern – This book was listed on a WWW list last week by Priyasha at Books and Co. She said this series was one of her favorite reads from 2017, which is a pretty good recommendation, don’t you think?
  • The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg – This book had been recommended to me first by a co-worker some time ago, then by my former podcast co-host. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find this book on sale through BookBub last week. (By the way, if you’ve never heard of BookBub, check it out. You can thank me later.)

Have you discovered any new books this week? If so, let me know in comments!

Added to GoodReads – February 6, 2017


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a brand new week! I decided that on most Mondays, I will be reviving an old post I used to do called “Added to GoodReads.” In this post, I will share the books that I’ve added to my TBR on GoodReads the past week. It’s also fun because I can give shout-outs to some of the other book bloggers that I follow.

So here’s what I’ve found this week:

That’s what I’ve added to my GoodReads this week? Did you find any good new books? Let me know in comments!






Added to GoodReads – August 22nd



Getting back to blogging means finding out a bunch of new books that I want to read! I started doing this to feature not only the books that I find through various meme days (Top Ten Tuesday, WWW Wednesday – those two are especially dangerous!), but also to feature the bloggers who have recommended these books and have drawn me to them. I love the book blogging community so much!

Here are three books that are getting added to my GoodReads:

  • Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn – This sounds like a fun bit of magical realism, which I enjoy. A bunch of wishes made during a toast of moonshine somehow come true – and not in a good way. This book was recommended by Chrissi at ChrissiReads as part of her WWW Wednesday/This Week in Books post.
  • The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel – A heat wave followed by a 13 year old claiming to be the devil? Now that sounds interesting! I found out about this one from Claire at Art and Soul from, you guessed it, her WWW post. She also wrote a great review where she explained that, while she didn’t love this book, it was perfect for someone like me, looking for darker, weighty reads.
  • Extracted by Tyler H. Jolley & Sherry D. Ficklin – Found this through Laura at FUOnlyKnew. Her blog is awesome! She always has giveaways, and that was the case with this one. There are still two days left to enter! She featured an excerpt from the book, which sounded really good. I like time travel books, but find that they are very hard to do right. This one sounds like things could go awry in a really good way.

Anything good added to your TBR this week? Let me know in comments!

Added to GoodReads – 7/20/15

goodreadsHappy Monday everyone! It’s been a bit of a slow week adding books to my GoodReads TBR list, but that’s probably not a bad thing. That list is starting to get out of hand. Here we go!

  • The Looking Glass House by Vanessa Tait – I wish I could remember where I saw this one. I know it was a link on Facebook, which means it might have been from Book Riot or Buzzfeed or one of those. Y’all know I love Alice in Wonderland stories, but this one is written by a great-great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell. I’m there!
  • The Key by Jennifer Anne Davis – This one was from BookBub, which I adore, although I’ve started getting less from them lately. I think it might just be book overload. This one sounds pretty good though. The first in a trilogy, it’s more of a high fantasy YA book, which should be fun. And the cover is really pretty too.

Have you found any good books lately? Recommend them in comments!

Added to GoodReads – 7/13

goodreadsGood morning and Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have a nice week ahead! Here are the latest books I’ve added to my GoodReads TBR list:

  • A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – I saw this book on a WWW Wednesday post by Claire over at Art and Soul. She was absolutely raving about it, so I figured it must be a good read. You can check out her full review here.
  • Masquerade by Kylie Fornasier – This is another one I found on WWW Wednesday, this time from Yvo at It’s All About Books. She hasn’t read it yet, but I just fell in love with the cover art.
  • Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford – We have probably by now established that WWW Wednesdays are dangerous days for my TBR list! I found this one on our host’s post, Sam at Taking On a World of Words. She is reading this one right now and, I have to say, I absolutely love this title.

Found any good books this week? Let me know in comments!

Added to GoodReads – 7/6/15

goodreadsHappy Monday everyone! Hope all my American friends had a safe and happy 4th of July! Mine was a lot of fun. My family and I went to the local minor league baseball game and saw fireworks afterwards. Good times.

Added three new books to my GoodReads TBR list this week. Here they are!

  • Armada by Ernest Cline – I loved Ready Player One so much, I am looking forward to reading Cline’s next novel, coming out this month.
  • Anathema by Megg Jensen – Got this one for free off of BookBub. Gotta love free stuff! First book in a trilogy.
  • ’89 Walls by Katie Pierson – This author did a guest post over at Chuck Wendig’s blog, which I love. I really liked her post, and her book sounded interesting.

Did you find any new books this week? Let me know in comments!