Halloween and NaNo Updates

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! This is one of the times of the year that I absolutely love my neighborhood – it is ideal for Trick-or-Treating. There are lots of houses with lots of kids and many of them go all out in decorating. There is definitely a festive atmosphere in the air. My daughter and I were joined by my mom, my stepson and his mom, and two friends. The hubby stayed home to man the candy basket. The kids brought home way more candy than should be allowed, but what can you do? We are entering that time of year – first Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving leftovers, then all the goodies that come with Christmas. No use fighting it.

It was also funny this year that my daughter, who has usually gone the pretty or silly route for Halloween costumes, decided that she wanted to be a scary zombie. It’s not an easy feat to make such a pretty girl into a terror, but I think we did a good job. The giggling lost some of the effect.


She’s coming for you! Giggling all the way!

In other news, NaNoWriMo has officially started! So far I am doing quite well, although I almost always do pretty good the first week. It’s later in the month when things start to go downhill. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep going, but I am happy that I’ve already hit my word count target for today, and it isn’t even 8 o’clock yet! Not too shabby! If you are also doing NaNo and want to be writing buddies, you can find me here.


Halloween Shenanigans

Happy Halloween! Last night my daughter, my stepson, my stepson’s mom, my mom and I all went out trick or treating. It was fun, although a bit cold. I will, of course, post a picture as soon as I get them from my husband. He was the smart one – staying in the nice warm house giving out candy. Our neighborhood is a wonderful one to go trick or treating in. There are a lot of kids and families that live there and lots of people go all out in decorating their houses. Our kids came home with more candy than should be legal.

And the costumes – well, the costumes sort of kept changing. First my daughter wanted to be a vampire. Then she wanted to be this scary character she saw somewhere online called “the white girl.” I have no idea what that is. Then she was back to being a vampire, so we finally got a nice black velvety dress with silvery trim (bargain bin at K-Mart!) and make up to do her face very white and black. And teeth, of course. During the process of getting ready, she decided that she didn’t like how the teeth felt in her mouth. So instead of being a vampire, she decided to just be a “goth girl.” Um, okay kid. Whatever makes you happy.

My stepson wore a pair of black sweatpants, a black shirt with skeleton bones on it, a pair of gloves with skeleton hands on it, and a Scream mask. Only halfway through trick or treating he decided that the mask was too uncomfortable, so he took that off and said that instead of Scream, he was an “evil necromancer.” He seemed a bit miffed that no one was able to guess what he was. Oh well. The mask kept going off and on until we needed it to store extra candy because his bucket was too small to hold it all.

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween! We have enough candy now to last until next year. *sigh*

Writing challenge update:

8715 / 30000

Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Edition

This week, the folks over at “The Broke and the Bookish” are talking about the scary stories. The things that go bump in the night. The creepy, eerie feeling that you get when you know that you’re not alone in the house.

I don’t usually read “scary stories,” so instead of ten, I will only give you five. But I would be glad to take any suggestions.

Top Ten (or Five) Books To Get In The Halloween Spirit

1. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – I first read this in college and it was not what I expected at all. Everyone has seen the old movies based on this book, but the book itself is something completely different. No mad scientist screaming, “It’s alive!!!!!” Instead, it’s a creepy, moral question of whether a man should act like God and create life in a way that was never intended, and the determined quest of a man (or monster) trying to hold the man who created him accountable for his actions.

2. Dracula by Bram Stoker – Another classic. We’ve had Frankenstein’s monster, now let’s have vampires! The way they’re supposed to be (ie not sparkly). Dracula is scary in the way that he is able to draw people to him. The people hunting him know that he is dangerous, and yet they are at times helpless in his power.

3. Feed by Mira Grant – A more modern piece this time. I haven’t actually finished this book yet, but I’m almost there. This book is about zombies, but it’s actually a lot more than that. Unlike most zombie stories, which deal about the “Rising,” this book deals with how the world has changed since zombies came into the picture. It’s actually more of a political thriller than a horror story, but still – there are zombies, which makes it definitely Halloween-ish to me.

4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – I reviewed this book on an earlier post (which you can read here). What’s Halloween without a good ghost story? This book is a bit different from your traditional ghost story though. The ghosts are not the scariest thing in the book. Not sure what would get that title. Perhaps the Sleer, a strange creature that lives in a cave at the back of the graveyard. Or the man Jack, brutally murdered an entire family, except for one little boy who escaped, and is determined to finish the job.

5. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde – I don’t think most people would include this as a Halloween book, but to me, it’s very sinister and creepy. A young, good looking man gains immortality and because of this, becomes increasingly more cruel and corrupt. Although his face remains the same, the changes take place on a portrait of him. As he grows old (and remains the same), the portrait becomes hideous and monstrous, showing him what he has truly become inside. It eventually drives him insane. Scary, right?

And here’s my writing progress so far:

2267 / 30000